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Social media sites are the Current most popular means of communication between millions of people around the globe. Dont miss out on the opportunity of having users get to you through something they are already using. Get a myspace, facebook, twitter, page layout design to attract people to your site. Make business with communities all over!

The original myspace layout will be replaced by a new, great looking custom layout. Choose your sections, content, colors, images, determine the kind of profile you want! Ideal for businesses, celebrities, artist or anybody who looks for some serious exposure.

A custom social media profile design will be developed just for you, to match the kind of company you are and appeal to your client´s eyes. Check out our packages.

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Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube Page Layout Prices

The Design Process

  1. Choose one of my myspace page design packages.
  2. Have a consultation with the team of experts at to discuss the style of your page, colors, pictures used, desire content and more.
  3. We will develop a basic layout idea and design the main graphic which will be shown to you for approval. You may request any changes on the final look. Your satisfaction is our goal!
  4. Once the custom graphic is approved by you, the programming of your page starts taking place on my myspace design test page. Once complete, you can see a live preview so you can see exactly how your page will look once posted to your myspace.
  5. Layout will be tested in Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox for errors. It will also be tested in all screen resolutions.
  6. When you're ready to publish it to your Myspace page; say the word. We will login and set everything up so everyone can see your new, professional myspace page!
  7. A screen shot of your page will be added to under portfolio!
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