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Acceptance of Terms

Welcome to ilikewebsites is the parent company of,, and By signing up as a client of ours, you agree to be legally bound to the Terms and Conditions. Please read them carefully, as reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions will always be available on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link. Use of the website signifies the complete acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. agrees to yield all rights associated with ownership and usage of the custom materials developed by upon receiving approval of the final artwork.

Ownership/Copyrights & Trademarks

Final artwork of any of our design products becomes the property of the client, having unlimited, indefinite, and free use of that artwork upon approval of the final version. retains the right to display the artwork in our Portfolio or Advertising materials. Any preliminary work which is not selected by the client, or is not sent along with the final package, remains full property of

Limitations of Use

You may use the web design products purchased at for personal or commercial use. You may modify, or have a third party perform the modifications of any product template after purchase to meet your specific requirements. You may use a purchased product without any restrictions as required for your commercial or personal use. You may resell a purchased product as part of a finished design project.

Client Communication and Product Delivery
  1.  For projects that run longer than one week, an representative will work with the client to set a communication schedule. The client agrees to send all change/addition/revision requests to the representative in writing, via email. The client also acknowledges that a response from the representative to such requests may be limited to the pre-arranged communications schedule of A) once per day; B) once per week; C) twice per week; or D) once every two weeks. 
  2. During the production phase, the client agrees to thoroughly evaluate the product or concept we create, and compile a complete list of changes/additions/revisions -- if such alterations are needed. The client understands that ilikewebsites will not accept change/addition/revision requests on a piecemeal basis.
  3. Almost all interaction happens over the Internet. We are also available by phone. However, you will be notified of your concepts' availability in your ilikewebsites product via email. Revisions must be sent by email to All ilikewebsites products are digital files delivered through email and download links provided to the costumer.
  4. Order confirmation will be sent to your email confirming the start of the project, within one business day after payment is received.
  5. Initial concept demo will be delivered after order/payment confirmation.
  6. All download links expire after 48 hours. A download link can be renewed, however this requires your request.
  1. Interaction will take place over the Internet.
  2. Revisions requests must be submitted via email.
  3. Depending on the product you purchase, revisions will range from one to several revisions of the original concept, the maximum number of which will be determined by us. The purpose of the revision process is to form and mold the concept we create for your business based on the information you provide. Minor revision requests on the original approved concept are all acceptable free of charge. A $25-plus addition fee will be applied on major revisions that require great graphic effort. No revision work that requires further payment will start without previous authorization from the client.
  4. Initial revisions will typically take 1-5 business days to complete, depending on the product.
  5. You agree to provide timely responses to any status notifications sent to you by ilikewebsites. You will have a maximum of 30 days to respond to each notification from us. ilikewebsites will not proceed on the project until response from you has been received. If after 30 days you have failed to respond, ilikewebsites will assume the project is complete. From there on ilikewebsites will have no further obligation to you.
  6. is entitled to end the project and terminate your access to it at any time, with or without notice to you.

From there on will have no further obligation to you. is entitled to end the project and terminate your access to it at any time, with or without notice to you. will determine, in its sole discretion, whether you´re entitled to any refund.

Final Delivery

Upon completion of your project you will receive notice and you will be able to access your final files on your account in the following formats:

  • Banners

    Animated: Source flash file (.fla) with source fonts and animation file swf (.swf) Animated GIF: Source animated gif file (.png o .fla) plus fonts and final gif animated file. Static: Source Psd file and jpg/gif file

    Banner Characteristics (Banner Promotion)

    • Maximum time: 40 Seconds
    • 6 images maximum
    • Sentences to use: 3 maximum
    • 3 states maximum
    • 2-D basic animation
  • Landing Pages, Micro sites and Html Emails

    HTML code and all source files.

Refund Policy will determine, at its sole discretion, whether you’re entitled to any refund.

Trade Marks and Service Marks expects the client to do thorough research on their company name to be sure the name is not already in use and securing a trademark, etc. to protect the clients legal rights to any name or image. ilikewebsites will not be held responsible for any legal action that may result from improper due diligence on the availability of a company name or image.


The will assess a $35 processing fee in the event of a charge back. The client will also be liable for all collection and legal expenses incurred in the collection of funds owed to ilikewebsites for services rendered or breach of contract. The client concedes that ilikewebsites will pursue and enforce these terms to the fullest extent of the law.

Legal Disputes

The client hereby agrees and consents to a venue in New York, N.Y. USA, in the event of any legal action regarding these Terms and Conditions or of any copyright enforcement regarding the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions.

Copyright notice:

2009 Bannerhero

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