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Don't just send them plain, boring text emails, your clients are very likely to delete without even reading them; send the best email marketing templates! At we will turn your communications into graphic appealing pieces.

You can choose to provide us with the content, or our expert copywriting team will develop it for you. In any case your clients will get eye catching email templates filled with very useful information.

Our email newsletter design will take all your email communications to the next level.

Follow these simple steps to get your custom landing page design:

  1. Name your email marketing template (This will be used to reference your project)
  2. Determine whether you want to develop the content or have us do it
  3. Ad your landing page to the cart
  4. Make a Payment
  5. Done!

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Email Marketing Templates Prices

Once you have ordered your email marketing templates from you can expect the initial demo to be sent back to you within 24 business hours. This initial file will be sent to you on a JPG file, for you to make necessary corrections and changes.

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